Peter J Lucas

Ostatnia Misja Chat

20 March 2000 - Translated from
Virtual Poland (Wirtualna Polska)

Raagoon: Who will translate this? Do you consider yourself to be a good actor? Do you have any role models in this profession?
Peter J. Lucas: The translator won't be necessary, I still speak very good Polish and I still remember it VERY WELL. As for me being a good actor ... you will have to be the judge of that .. when you go to the movies ..

Could you say something about yourself .... What do you look like today?
P.J.L: Tired ... 9 hours of a time difference .. that's a lot. I flew in yesterday and I'm still jet-lagged

Where did you fly in from and how long are you planning on staying?
P.J.L: From Los Angeles and I'm staying until Saturday

Did you come for personal or professional reasons?
P.J.L: I flew in for the movie premier of "Last Mission" directed by Wojtek Wojcik

pytanie: Does that mean that you want to play in Polish movies?
P.J.L: That was my dream since I left for the US ...

Gotty: Lucas, aren't you being mistaken at times with the actor from "Star Wars," at first I was wondering which one of you would be the guest?
P.J.L: No, I'm a little taller than him ... I am 192 cm.. (6'4")

bodzio: Welcome, why did you change your name to Peter J. Lucas???
P.J.L: Because the Americans can't pronounce 3 consonants in a row ... my real name is Piotr Andrzejewski

edek: Peter - Piotr, and Lucas as a last name???
P.J.L: Yes, of course ...

Vai: What made you leave for England??? As a singer, weren't you successful in Poland??
P.J.L: No, my last success before my trip to England were two distinction awards from the Theater Song Festival in Wroclaw. Trip to England ... I was chasing after my girlfriend ... The way things worked out in the end .. my girlfriend went back to Poland and I went on to the States.

pytanie: What happened in England?
P.J.L: In England I did a series of commercials for British television, which according to my agents was a prediction of a successful career in Hollywood.

pytanie: You were leaving Poland as an engineer, a graduate of the Poznan Politechnic, have you always dreamt about the stage, theater, big screen?
P.J.L: At the time of my departure YES .. I wanted to try my luck ..

wert: Which one of the Polish cities are you connected with the most and do you visit your native country often?
P.J.L: With Poznan .. that's where I come from .. I visit my country at least 2 times a year.

ela: How do you like Poland?
P.J.L: The fact that I come here 2 times a year speaks for itself, I like it very much .. last year I was here 4 times..

pytanie: Do you aim towards returning to Poland for good?
P.J.L: I have traveled between different countries .. being like a migrant bird seems to be an optimum solution for me.

Raagoon: You're tired? At your age? There's still a lot ahead of you, don't you think, the whole life it's like a one great challenge and a fight for what you are?
P.J.L: Why tired? And why at my age? Do we know each other? It's very hard to grow tired of acting .. it's very interesting .. today I'm a paid murderer .. tomorrow a doctor ..

pytanie: Do you like playing the villain .. or rather good characters?
P.J.L: There's a saying in Hollywood that the movie is as good as its villain ..

Smooky: You decided to leave the country to become known as an actor. In your opinion, is it easier to get recognized abroad?
P.J.L: No, it isn't easier to get recognized .. But everything is possible. In the US, nobody asked about my acting diploma .. Counted only my acting abilities.

pytanie: Is acting along side Sandra Bullock or Chuck Norris the same as acting along side Janusz Gajos?
P.J.L: No .. Sandra can't understand Polish and with Chuck I can't get a word in edgewise ..

pytanie: And what are the differences?
P.J.L: We are dealing with 3 professionals here so .. there is no difference ..

pytanie: So what are the differences between acting here and abroad .. money???
P.J.L: In the USA the big movie stars make a lot of money .. but the smaller stars don't make a lot. In Poland, the big movie stars don't make a lot and smaller stars even less.

Vai: Do you consider yourself a big movie star???
P.J.L: I consider myself a working actor ..

ferment: Do you still consider yourself Polish?
P.J.L: Most of all Polish :)

Pavelo: So, how much are you making?
P.J.L: In old or new zloties?


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