Peter J Lucas


  Ostatnia Misja (The Last Mission)

But the greatest source of satisfaction -- next to clever narration, dynamic accelerations and sudden slow downs, precisely tailored screenplay -- are the casting decisions. First and foremost, Wojcik should be commended for giving the role of the across-Poland traveler in the "The Last Mission" to Peter J. Lucas, the Polish-American actor, who is already known from another comedy, "Kiler 2." Lucas this time took the role of the paid killer very seriously, and shows his considerable acting capabilities, but most of all his charisma. Not even for a moment can one doubt the skills of the movie role he portrays.

- Konrad J. Zarebski, Kino

  The Beast Within

Stretched over a half dozen CD-ROM'S, "The Beast Within" has scores of filmed scenes and required 40 actors. Most are, at least, competent. There's even a break-out, ready-for-the-big-screen performance by Peter J. Lucas. As Von Glower, he is everything a gothic heavy should be: subtle, suave, cunning, sexual. Someone apparently forgot to tell Lucas that this is just a computer game. He plays the role with cinematic finesse, and in the process helps make "The Beast Within" an important and ground-breaking work.

- William R. Macklin, CyberPlay

Hats off to the whole team, but especially to ... Peter J. Lucas, who plays the breathlessly nasty Baron Von Glower.

- Chris McMullen, Games Domain

There are also many supporting characters, and most of them are portrayed beautifully. Von Glower, played by Peter J. Lucas, takes the cake, with strong, emotional acting.

- Nick Saveliev, Adventure Gamer Reviews

For me, however, Peter J. Lucas' Von Glower just about stole the show.

- Gordon Aplin, Quandary Computer Games Reviews

My favorite character from this game was Von Glower (Peter J. Lucas) ... Von Glower gave one of the most sincere performances in the game.

- Lynn J. Alford, PIB Game Review

Credits must also be given to the professional acting by various casts ... as well as to Peter J. Lucas for his portrayal of Von Glower.

- Phillip Jong, Matthew Murray, The Adventure Collective

The acting in this game is top notch ... Peter J. Lucas, who portrays Von Glower, makes the game that much better. From the moment he appears you know there is more to this man than meets the eye.

- GameSpot Player Reviews

The actors/characters were perfect ... the very handsome, charming and persuasive Peter J. Lucas (Baron Freidrich von Glower) was very realistic.

- Video Game Arena

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